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A Canadian Response to SCO
Wednesday, August 20 2003 @ 02:54 PM CST
Contributed by: Linegod
Views:: 2,292
Justice In response to the ongoing fud war with SCO, CLUE and other interested members of the Canadian linux community have formed a working group called CLIC. This group has been meeting two to three times a week over the summer with the intent of presenting a strong and united voice that represents the perspective of Canadian Linux users and professionals.

CLIC stands for the Canadian Linux Interests Coalition. With the strong support and backing of CLUE, CLIC has been in the process of generating an information portal, drafting a press release and organizing a legal response to SCO in Canada. CLIC has also joined forces with other activist groups in order to facilitate the response and lend strength to it.

CLIC will remain a Special Interest Group of "Linux professionals from across Canada devoted to defending the interests of Canadian Linux users, developers, and deployers" and will remain active even after the threat from SCO is defeated. CLUE is providing support and resources to facilitate the process and access to information to interested Canadians.

Like many things Linux [and Open Source], this group is made up of volunteers from across Canada who have dedicated their precious time and resources to try to fight for all of us. They need all the support and input we, as users, can muster, so if any of the LUGs or individual users have the time to spare, they could certainly use the help.

CLIC has prepared a press release that it will publish shortly. One thing that we at CLUE are asking is that all Canadian LUGS and individual users endorse CLIC's goals and sign on as a CLIC supporter. While CLIC is moving ahead fast, they would like every main LUG contact with CLUE to bring the notion of their fight against SCO to their LUGs for approval as quickly as they can and provide the endorsement if even only in principal.

We will be adding content and the release to the CLIC sub-site at CLUE's home on the web . The more support and signatories they have, the stronger its voice will be and will demonstrate to the Press, to SCO, and to Canadian business a united voice. A strong and united stand will demonstrate that we will NOT tolerate unsubstantiated threats to Linux/FLOSS, the GPL or any other aspect of open computing.

If any LUGs or individual members wish to add their voice to the fight, please join the sco-issues mailing list here:

Note: This is a private subscription based list that requires approval. If you are not known to CLUE as a LUG contact, please email Bill , Matt , or Shad and tell us who you are.

Thanks for your time, and let's fight the good fight!

Bill Traynor


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Re: A Canadian Response to SCO
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, September 13 2003 @ 07:49 AM CST
What is the threat from SCO, where can I find more about this?
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