CAAST anti-piracy news

Wednesday, December 17 2003 @ 05:36 AM CST

Contributed by: Anonymous

The Canadian version of the BSA, known as CAAST has announced that 8 Canadian companies have been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for "non-maliciously" pirating software. This appears to be an enourmous opportunity for the Canadian open source community to start making some inroads into corporate Canada.

Although I have no problem with the activities of CAAST, I think their approach to enforcing software licensing gives the open source community in Canada a huge competetive advantage. We should approach every company that was fined by CAAST and educate them on the advantages of using open source software. We can emphasize that in addition to all the usual benefits of open source licensing, there is also the fact that TCO can be significantly reduced when you do not have to employ an expensive and time consuming license management system. I think this is a significant opportunity to leverage the inevitable "how do we avoid this in the future" management questions at these 8 companies, and I'd love to see the community get together to take advantage of it.