Instant Supercomputer

Sunday, March 28 2004 @ 01:07 PM CST

Contributed by: xip

Instant Supercomputer
Published: 26-MAR-04

By Eric Caoili

"On April 3, 2004 University of San Francisco will host the first Flash Mob Computing computer, FlashMob I." The guys at USF are hoping you'll bring in your laptops or PCs and join hundreds of others in creating one of the Top 500 Supercomputers of the World. Rival setups like Japan's Earth Simulator or Virginia Tech's network usually cost amounts of cash neither fathomable, nor accessible. FlashMob computing proposes a cheaper solution by bringing together computers for a temporary installation, all working for a few hours to solve problems or equations that would typically take weeks to process alone. Hundreds of volunteers are needed to sign up for this history-making wonder, so don't hesitate to step up. There's even a rumor going around that if a thousand people show up, someone will eat a shoe.

The event will be the first of it's kind years later, you'll be perfectly within your rights to badger the kids attending FlashMob XIV, calling them out as "poseurs" and "wannabes." Bragging rights aside, all participants will receive a t-shirt, an access pass to all of the day's fun, and other complimentary items. Better yet, after the supercomputer does it's supercomputing "thing," there's a planned LAN party with aspirations of becoming the biggest LAN party in San Francisco EVER. Playing on the 10-Gigabit LAN, you'll not only have a chance to showcase your gamer skillz (notice the "z"), but you can also wow the party with your Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Winamp skin!

For more information, please visit FlashMob Computing. Any reports of jocks and bullies gathering in the parking lot, looking to steal your lunch money and question your mother's weight, are purely unfounded and should be dismissed.