TBA - A New National Advocacy Group

Friday, March 15 2002 @ 12:07 PM CST

Contributed by: michael

As a result of Syd Weidman from Plug's open letter to Linux User Groups recently (the Letter can be found here.), a new group of National FSM, Gnu/Linux and Open Source Advocates have started working towards the creation of a new National Advocacy group.

The Canopener crew has decided to join forces with this new initative, and has provided some resources in the form of discussion lists and a new web site for the groups use.

We invite all Canopener members and visitors that have an interest in seeing the creation of a new FSM,Gnu/Linux and Open Source National Advocacy group to join with us in this new effort.

The group, for the time being is calling its efforts TBA, as the group will decide upon its name and focus as it grows.

This certainly doesn't mean the end of Canopener.ca or its efforts, In fact we have extended to the offer of turning over the Canopener URL and registration to this new group if they decide that Canopener is the banner they wish to go under. If not we will move forward on our own initiatives as our time and resources permit.

The TBA Website and links to the discussion lists can be found here.