Collaborative Source Software

Monday, July 12 2004 @ 07:10 am CST

Contributed by: Anonymous

"There are two worlds in software today: the closed source world of traditional software vendors and the open source (For convenience we use "open-source" or "free software" - note the lower casing- to encompass Open Source, Free Software, and similar endeavors) world of Linux, JBoss, MySQL and others. Neither the open source nor closed source models are new: both have been around almost from the beginning of computing. But neither has managed to take over the other.

More and more customers are today disappointed by closed source proprietary software but they do not want to rely part or whole of their IT strategy on some pure open source projects managed by virtual people. They want real software vendors with long term dedicated and trained developers, real product release cycle management, strong support agreements and code warranties.

After having carefully studied both approaches in order to license our own software, we decided to create a new paradigm which combines the best of both worlds. In this article I will present it, how we came to it and our experience after some years of practice.

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