Article Research on Info Commons

Tuesday, August 03 2004 @ 02:44 PM CST

Contributed by: Anonymous

I am writing an article about the creation of information commons for Information Highways, part of (dedicated to advancing the interests of the Canadian e-content community).

I want to look at the development of information commons in a way that shows how the issues spurring the development, and the development itself, is significant to information professionals.

According to a report from the Free Expression Policy Project, large portions of the Internet are dominated by media corporations that have developed various technological protection measures and "digital rights management" techniques to restrict access to information and control its use. These technologies threaten to undermine political discourse, free speech and creativity.

I'd like to discuss the implications of this and the response of librarians, cyber-activists, and other public interest advocates who have begun building online communities, or "commons," for producing and sharing data.

What impact will the information commons movement have on information professionals and the public's right to know? Will this movement be able to make up for the gating of much of the Internet?

I would like to conduct interviews by phone sometime over the next two weeks. To set up an interview, email and tell me a bit about yourself and/or your organization.


Paul Lima
Freelance Writer