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Daffodil Open Sources Java Database One$DB at SourceForge
Wednesday, January 19 2005 @ 04:40 AM CST
Contributed by: Anonymous
Views:: 3,320
Open Source

Gurgaon, India – January 18, 2005: Daffodil Software, a leading database technology company, today announced the Open Source release of One$DB at

The move to Open Source One$DB, is driven by the fact that Open Source products are more acceptable and flexible, as they can be understood better in terms of strengths and limitations and can be customized to suit specific requirements without any fear of vendor locking. We also feel that Open Source products become more mature due to the continuous involvement of a diverse community.

One$DB, which was initially launched as a free database, is an effort to drive open source innovation around Java-based applications, which will in turn create new business opportunities in various areas such as embedded database applications, Java applications and web-based applications.

One$DB is a version of Daffodil DB, a J2EE-certified, JDBC 3.0 and SQL-99 compliant Java database. It is available in both Network and Embedded editions and has been designed to handle complex computing environments that demand a robust, scalable and feature-rich RDBMS that can operate across platforms. Against convention, One$DB does not put any restriction with regards to number of connections, CPU usage and total data storage.

One$DB, being an offshoot of Daffodil DB, enjoys a high level of maturity and stability, two aspects that new open source products lack. Daffodil DB (with over 10,000 installations) has come of age and is ready for enterprise and mission-critical applications. Recently, Daffodil DB achieved compatibility with Compiere, a leading Open Source ERP+CRM package, which is highly demanding in terms of database requirements. This fact highlights for the first time, the ability of a Java database to compete with the best that the enterprise database market has to offer.

One$DB's commitment to industry standards, coupled with the availability of unique features like PSM support, ready-to-use Network edition, MVCC, Advanced Security features and an integrated Import/Export tool is a big distinction from other players in the open arena. Apart from these enterprise-level features, community developers will have the added benefit of a Software Design Document, by which they can better understand the design and architecture of One$DB. By ‘opening’ such a feature-rich database, Daffodil hopes to work closely with the Java and database community in strengthening the product further.

Unlike other players in the Open Source database market, One$DB is a zero cost software made available under an LGPL license, wherein the commercial deployment is also free. Apart from the free support through forums and live chat, Daffodil also offers optional & affordable commercial support for the product under its One$Support program.

Expressing his viewpoint regarding the entry of big players and the subsequent competition in the Java database market, Yogesh Agarwal (CEO, Daffodil Software) commented: “With One$DB going Open Source, we hope to add fuel to the already hot Java database market. One$DB offers the community an embeddable database with an impressive set of capabilities and functions. Our attempt is to associate two growing movements; Java and Open Source, to the benefit of both the communities." Looking for a long-standing association with the community, he added, “Our mission is to look beyond opening the code; to work with the community in developing One$DB as the most outstanding open source database.”

"Open Sourcing of One$DB is yet another example of companies starting to appreciate the Open Source movement. By offering such a mature and feature-rich database, Daffodil has set an example for others to emulate. One$DB's non-restrictive commercial license will attract SMBs and ISVs, as they can develop applications without additional start-up costs", said Mr. Ou Weiguo, CEO – Huidu Technology Co. Ltd. (China)

About Daffodil Software

Daffodil Software entered the open source arena with the successful open sourcing of its database replication tool Daffodil Replicator. Efforts are on to make One$DB / Daffodil DB compatible with other major open source products, Compiere being the beginning.


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