Say no to Big Brother plan for Internet

Monday, March 07 2005 @ 09:10 pm CST

Contributed by: Linegod

From The Toronto Star:

Notwithstanding the Internet's remarkable potential, there are dark clouds on the horizon. There are some who see a very different Internet. Theirs is an Internet with ubiquitous surveillance featuring real-time capabilities to monitor online activities. It is an Internet that views third party applications such as Vonage's Voice-over-IP service as parasitic. It is an Internet in which virtually all content should come at a price, even when that content has been made freely available. It is an Internet that would seek to cut off subscriber access based on mere allegations of wrongdoing, without due process or oversight from a judge or jury.

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Should I find it funny or sad that now that censorship is going to effect something that 'normal' people want (VOIP), everyone is paying attention. When ISPs block things that I want (SSH), nobody cared.