Purchasing and Open Source Projects

Thursday, March 23 2006 @ 07:31 am CST

Contributed by: Linegod

An interesting discussion going on at the CanOpenER Mailing Lists:

Well it's fiscal year end again, and we're all doing the mad dance to spend the last of our budget so we don't get axed next year (what a stupid system, but that's not the topic for today). How do you go about "purchasing" an open source product?

I'll give a particular example: we've been using pdfcreator to solve a thorny issue for a number of months now. It's an open source success story: a free program works better (for our use case) than the ones we paid several thousand dollars for. Three cheers for us, and for the taxpayer. Now how do we spread that benefit to the developers who created the fine program (well, collection of programs) that allows us to do so much with so little?

Full discussion thread at http://lists.canopener.ca/pipermail/discuss/2006-March/002167.html

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