Sésamath 5 - A first textbook of mathematics under free licence

Tuesday, March 28 2006 @ 01:04 am CST

Contributed by: Anonymous

Sésamath association proposes a textbook of mathematics for the class of 5th pennies free, free downloadable licence on Internet and which will be sold in May 2006 pennies format paper approximately ten euros in partnership with the Génération5 editor.

The Net surfers will be able to also reach soon a service of "complements" intended to accompany the teacher, in the form for example of animations, files of dynamic geometry or tool, like a spreadsheet.

The choice of free makes it possible to give a collaborative dimension to the project since each one can contribute its share to the contents divided by modifying it or in the abundant one to divide it again. Each chapter is available to format pdf or OpenOffice v1.

Moreover, "for each chapter, the handbook proposes activities in group". According to Noël Debarle, one of the organizers of the project, "the productions being put on line at once, any professor of mathematics is likely to deliver its opinion, possibly after a use in class".

Teachers of association intervene to validate the modifications suggested by the Net surfers. Moreover, tests are carried out in several classes, which allows fast increase of evaluation.

When one knows the volume and the weight of a portfolio of schoolboy, one can only greet this initiative...

Textbook of mathematics for the class of 5th
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