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Initial Introductory Mission Statement
Friday, March 15 2002 @ 11:18 AM CST
Contributed by: bob
Views:: 5,803
Startup Out of the discussion groups first week of deliborations an initial mission statement is begining to form: It will form the basis of an open letter to be published to all lugs and other interested groups and organisations.
While we have come up with many versions so far
this is a place to put the ones getting close to consensus. see below for our four options to chose from and add your comments.

(reminder you need to be registered and logged in to comment)
The choices A-D below were from a combined effort from most on the mailing list,we determined that for the these ealydays desisions all registered members can vote but only once.The Poll system will track IP adresses of voters
so you are honour bound to only vote once.

this will not be a blind vote.
We ask that you sign your vote in the comments section and it will be checked against the registered members list.

The TBA inititive seeks to establish a National Advocacy group which will educate Canadians about all aspects of the Free Software Movement, Gnu/Linux and Open Source Software and Standards.

TBA will exist to enhance the efforts of local entitites with similiar goals and help to co-ordinate effective advocacy for the use of these Liberation Technologies on a national level.

The primary focus of the TBA's Effort will be to advocate, encourage, and support the use the use and understanding of non proprietary software and standards by Canada's public institutions.


The TBA initiative exists to created a national Canadian Advocacy Forum to promote the use and understanding of Free and Open Source, Standards and Operating Systems.

The TBA initiative exists to create and act as a resource hub for all Canadians, with particular emphasis on LUG's and open operating systems user groups, who wish to particpate in building a new Canadian Information Technologies infrastructure, based on the principles of public ownwership, accountabality and administration.

Our initial emphasisis to promote the use of Gnu/Linux, and other liberated (free) Software in public(goverment) computing.

To do this we work with Canada's LUG's and liberated (free) operating systems user groups and free software advocates.


TBA is a National advocacy group which will educate Canadains about all aspects of the Free Software Movement, GNU/Linux and Open Source Software.

Furthermore, TBA will help co-ordinate the efforts of national and local entities that have similar goals.
A primary focus of TBA"s efforts willbe to support the use of Open source software by
public institutions across Canada.


THe TBA's inniatives goals are to become a National
advocacy group to educate Canadians about all aspects of the Free Software Movement, GNU/Linux, and Open Source Software.
The inial emphasis of the group is to promote the use of GNU/Linux and Open Source Software in all publicly funded institutions of Canada.
To acheive this the TBA initiative will be working in conjuction with user groups, and other national or local entities that have similar goals and acting as hub of support for those groups and indivuals that require it.

all please proof and place your comments in this thread.

Choice D was chosen by our first poll yea our very first decision


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