David Wheeler's excellent work on Why Use OSS/FS

Friday, April 05 2002 @ 01:55 PM CST

Contributed by: michael

This is an excellent look at the some of the reasons why any organisation should consider the use of FSM/OSS software and operating systems. David does a wonderfull job of bringing the facts and figures of real usage comparisons
and how the figures are arrived at.
No FUD or paid for industry reports HERE Just the facts as David has outlined them.

David draws the following conclusion:

OSS/FS has significant market share, is often the most reliable software, and in many cases has the best performance. OSS/FS scales, both in problem size and project size. OSS/FS software generally has far better security, particularly when compared to Windows. Total cost of ownership for OSS/FS is often far less than proprietary software, particularly as the number of platforms increases. These statements are not merely opinions; these effects can be shown quantitatively, using a wide variety of measures. This doesn't even consider other issues that are hard to measure, such as freedom from control by a single source, freedom from licensing management (with its accompanying litigation), and increased flexibility. I believe OSS/FS options should be carefully considered any time software or computer hardware is needed.