It's Big It's Bad. It's GeekPAC

Monday, April 15 2002 @ 10:03 PM CST

Contributed by: Linegod

Just as corporate interests have their paid lobbyists to "influence" government regulations in their favour, Jeff Gerhardt feels it is time for the Linux users of the world to have a say in attempts to regulate or restrict users rights.

"Jeff Gerhardt, host of "The Linux Show," and Doc Searls, senior editor of the Linux Journal , are forming a lobbying group called GeekPAC that would try to convince lawmakers to consider developers when they draft laws concerning technology.

The goal is to ensure that legislative attempts to protect the interests of companies such as Walt Disney and the Baby Bells don't stifle technological development.

"We have witnessed a slow and steady erosion of the ability of Internet and IT developers to freely develop innovative products," states a draft document proposing the formation of GeekPAC."

Full story and more links here.

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