U.K.'s Office of the e-Envoy makes OSS support Official

Tuesday, July 23 2002 @ 11:00 pm CST

Contributed by: michael

The United Kingdom has officialy through its Office of the e-Envoy released its findings and recomendations and policy paper on the use of Open Source within the British Goverment, and it appears on a quick read to has some actual teeth to it.

Methinks Boy Tony won't be going out for dins dins with Uncle Bill for a while, First the UK Office of Goverment in Commerce, spanks Boy Tony for "inadvertanly" appearing in a Microsoft commercial and publicly questions the value of the last Civil Service proprieatary upgrade. And now this... This is So Cool, These are both Goverment Depts in the U.K. that we dont really have equivelants of here in Canada....But perhaps we should...
The U.K. Office of e-Envoy can be found here