Wake up call from keynote speakers at San Diego Open Source Convention

Thursday, July 25 2002 @ 10:52 PM CST

Contributed by: michael

Sam Williams the author of Free as in Freedom has got his take on the keynote speeches and speakers at the recently held Open Source Convention in San Diego.

Sam reports that Stallman and Lessig both called upon the audience to get active and get awake politically and to unlearn the the habit of ignoring the political realm.

We do so at our own peril. Given the activities of the transnational proprietary pushers and the obscene amounts of political donations that entire industries are buying political influence with, The debate may soon go far beyond Stallman's Freedom above all else mantra.

Freedom of use of our technology is being erroded by bad laws and worse politicians on a daily basis now. So as Sam says "What have you done for Freedom Today"
Sams article can be found HERE