Wont they make a Handsome Couple

Friday, August 02 2002 @ 02:44 pm CST

Contributed by: michael

Check out this press release Newswire.ca It is reporting Mr Gates is Canada bound and it looks like our Prime Minister and Mr. Gates will be making thier relationship public after all. While on the surface this appears to be bad news for those of us that advocate the use of FSM, GNU/Linux and OSS solutions for public sector use, I think we can look at it another way. Politically, the Prime Minister has just come out of the closet so to speak by supporting Mr. Gates efforts to shore up his market share in the Canadian Economy. Like Mexico, like Peru, like...time and time again Microsoft is now interferring in matters of State of Independant Nations. What next Mr. Prime Minister? A Coke commercial? Or would Dr. Pepper be more appropriate?