U.S. National Plan for Protecting Cyberspace

Wednesday, August 14 2002 @ 10:38 AM CST

Contributed by: cspotrun

I read an article today that poses questions in my mind that I think we should all be concerned about.

'But the government may soon be doing more than that. As Clarke prepares to
release on Sept. 18 the National Plan for Protecting Cyberspace, he may also
expand to all federal agencies a new U.S. Department of Defense policy that
requires all new IT purchases to be made from a list of independently
certified product lines.'

It is statements like this that have me worried.

Just what Independent Certified Product Lines are we talking about here?
If this comes to pass, how will it effect the Open Source community?

I understand this it an American issue, but like the DMCA, it will have an
effect on all of us.