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CanOpenER back up
Monday, September 02 2002 @ 05:52 PM CST
Contributed by: Linegod
Views:: 2,398
General News OK, after a short delay, CanOpenER is back up. The mail server portion is still a little troublesome, so it will be a bit until the mailing lists are fully functional.

The short story is 'no matter how well prepared you are, a little bit of luck never hurts'.

Students Say MS Buys Curriculum
Friday, August 23 2002 @ 04:19 PM CST
Contributed by: Anonymous
Views:: 2,388
Education WATERLOO, Ontario -- Students at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, upset over a CN$2.3 million partnership fund from Microsoft Canada, have charged that the company is trying to buy its way into the academic curriculum.,1383,54601,00.html

1 comments  View Printable Version
Most Recent Post: 08/24 08:12AM by mskala

U.S. National Plan for Protecting Cyberspace
Wednesday, August 14 2002 @ 10:38 AM CST
Contributed by: cspotrun
Views:: 2,993
Related News I read an article today that poses questions in my mind that I think we should all be concerned about.

'But the government may soon be doing more than that. As Clarke prepares to
release on Sept. 18 the National Plan for Protecting Cyberspace, he may also
expand to all federal agencies a new U.S. Department of Defense policy that
requires all new IT purchases to be made from a list of independently
certified product lines.'

read more (49 words) 1 comments  View Printable Version
Most Recent Post: 08/15 09:19PM by michael

Wont they make a Handsome Couple
Friday, August 02 2002 @ 02:44 PM CST
Contributed by: michael
Views:: 3,721
General News Check out this press release It is reporting Mr Gates is Canada bound and it looks like our Prime Minister and Mr. Gates will be making thier relationship public after all. While on the surface this appears to be bad news for those of us that advocate the use of FSM, GNU/Linux and OSS solutions for public sector use, I think we can look at it another way. Politically, the Prime Minister has just come out of the closet so to speak by supporting Mr. Gates efforts to shore up his market share in the Canadian Economy. Like Mexico, like Peru, like...time and time again Microsoft is now interferring in matters of State of Independant Nations. What next Mr. Prime Minister? A Coke commercial? Or would Dr. Pepper be more appropriate?

2 comments  View Printable Version
Most Recent Post: 08/06 11:23AM by Anonymous

L.O.S.U.R.S. Planning Public Expo
Friday, August 02 2002 @ 02:00 PM CST
Contributed by: michael
Views:: 3,388
Events The Regina LUG is in the planning stages for a public 2 day expo to be held in Nov.

CanOpenER was there to help facilitate a steering commitee meeting, and now the group would like to solicit input from the general CanOpenER membership for suggestions and Do's and Dont's from those of you that have taken part in similiar events. While the group is quite large this is the first time they are attempting to go beyond the Demo Day/Installfest approach. So lets give them the benifit our our experiences, both and good and bad.

The group can be contacted through, or comments can be placed on this site.

Wake up call from keynote speakers at San Diego Open Source Convention
Thursday, July 25 2002 @ 10:52 PM CST
Contributed by: michael
Views:: 6,502
Speeches Sam Williams the author of Free as in Freedom has got his take on the keynote speeches and speakers at the recently held Open Source Convention in San Diego.

Sam reports that Stallman and Lessig both called upon the audience to get active and get awake politically and to unlearn the the habit of ignoring the political realm.

We do so at our own peril. Given the activities of the transnational proprietary pushers and the obscene amounts of political donations that entire industries are buying political influence with, The debate may soon go far beyond Stallman's Freedom above all else mantra.

Freedom of use of our technology is being erroded by bad laws and worse politicians on a daily basis now. So as Sam says "What have you done for Freedom Today"
Sams article can be found HERE

U.K.'s Office of the e-Envoy makes OSS support Official
Tuesday, July 23 2002 @ 11:00 PM CST
Contributed by: michael
Views:: 3,048
Related News The United Kingdom has officialy through its Office of the e-Envoy released its findings and recomendations and policy paper on the use of Open Source within the British Goverment, and it appears on a quick read to has some actual teeth to it.

Methinks Boy Tony won't be going out for dins dins with Uncle Bill for a while, First the UK Office of Goverment in Commerce, spanks Boy Tony for "inadvertanly" appearing in a Microsoft commercial and publicly questions the value of the last Civil Service proprieatary upgrade. And now this... This is So Cool, These are both Goverment Depts in the U.K. that we dont really have equivelants of here in Canada....But perhaps we should...
The U.K. Office of e-Envoy can be found here

Linux in Canada: Are We Going Open Source Yet?
Monday, July 22 2002 @ 04:13 PM CST
Contributed by: Linegod
Views:: 2,171
General News From Linux Planet:

I'm from the U.S. but I moved to Canada about eight years ago. Since I've been doing all of this research into what's happening with governments and open source lately, I also can't resist a chance to dig around on my chosen home turf.

What I found is that there's a will, but that no one's quite found the way yet.

Read the full thing here

Canadian Linux Users Exchange reorganization discussions to begin
Tuesday, July 09 2002 @ 12:06 AM CST
Contributed by: Linegod
Views:: 2,805
General News On Tuesday, July 9, 2002 discussion will begin regarding the definition, organization and relaunch of the Canadian Linux Users Exchange (CLUE). Discussions will take place on the mailing list exclusively.

Please see to subscribe.

What CLUE is, What CLUE does, Why CLUE exists will be discussed.

Linux in education report #73
Monday, June 24 2002 @ 08:45 PM CST
Contributed by: Linegod
Views:: 2,372
Education Issue #73 of the SEUL/Edu Linux in Education Report is out. Topics include Karel the Robot, refurbishing computers, Linux in India, K12LTSP CDROMs, the Mandrake Mosix Terminal Server Project, and more.

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