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Today's Featured Article
Get the Facts, Get the FUD, or simply Get Distracted?
Tuesday, July 12 2005 @ 10:44 PM CST
Contributed by: Linegod
Views:: 2,675
General News From Digital Copyright Canada:

An article in CNet by Martin LaMonica talks about how Microsoft is claimed to be learning to live with Free/Libre and Open Source. "Software Manufacturing" vendors such as Microsoft and IBM are making moves which on the surface look like they accommodating, but I believe this is a distraction away from the harmful political activism they are engaged in around technology policy.

While Balmer was quoted as saying "We compete with products. We don't compete with movements", the "software manufacturing" movement has changed its anti-competitive techniques away from technical work to the political and legal activism. Rather than trying to offer the best software at the best price, they are actively lobbing to change Patent and Copyright laws to favor (or mandate) "software manufacturing".

Read the full thing here

St. Michael's Hospital moves to 'open' workstations
Thursday, March 24 2005 @ 04:37 PM CST
Contributed by: Linegod
Views:: 3,056
General News From

St. Michael's Hospital says it will be the first hospital in Canada next week to roll out an open standards-based workstation that will help better organize and secure patient information.

The Toronto-based facility is implementing Novell Clinical Workstation as a delivery method for its clinical applications that handle patient data. Novell last month announced the product at a health-care conference in Dallas, Texas. Leveraging Novell's identity management technologies and integration tools, the workstation allows IT staff to quickly and securely deliver applications and information to health-care workers, offers cross-platform support for mainframe, fat/thin clients and Web applications, and helps hospitals meet privacy and security regulations, according to Novell.

Read the full thing here

Manitoba NDP First in North America to Officially endorse FOSS
Tuesday, March 22 2005 @ 07:15 AM CST
Contributed by: Linegod
Views:: 4,447
General News From PLUG:

A source close to the NDP (and a long time member of PLUG) reports that as of this past weekend, Manitoba's New Democratic Party became the first major political party in North America to officially support Free and Open Source Software.

Read the full thing here

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Most Recent Post: 05/18 03:27PM by GRXo8

A Linux collaboration Pioneer in Ontario
Wednesday, March 16 2005 @ 12:44 AM CST
Contributed by: Linegod
Views:: 2,941
General News From Newsforge:

Pioneer Petroleum is the largest independent gasoline retailer in Ontario, with 150 retail locations spread throughout the province. Twenty-five of those locations are running Red Hat Linux Workstation 3.0. The other 125 stores are expected to be rid of Windows by the end of 2005.

Ontario is the second largest province in Canada, and its major industries are mining and forestry. Many of Pioneer's gas stations are located in remote rural areas, a situation that can make computer networking a challenge. Up until last October, the only way Pioneer's corporate office could communicate with the branch locations was via telephone and fax.

Read the full thing here

MS server squares off against Apache in union web site contest
Monday, January 10 2005 @ 10:52 PM CST
Contributed by: cmkl
Views:: 5,177
General News

Canada's largest union, CUPE, switched their web site to Apache, MySQL and PHP a year or so ago and won a global contest for union web sites. This year, though they face a challenge from the Teamsters, who're running IIS.

Sure, you could check Netcraft to see what they're running. Or you could check this note at the bottom of their home page: Note: Due to high Internet virus activity, we are no longer accepting website feedback via email. Please send any web feedback via U.S. Mail to the address above.

Vote for the open source site.

Acknowledgement of blatant plug: I work for CUPE.

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Most Recent Post: 01/12 10:40PM by Linegod Relaunched
Thursday, November 04 2004 @ 05:11 AM CST
Contributed by: Anonymous
Views:: 3,638
General News OpenConcept Consulting has relaunched to promote the use and development of in Canada. With an extensive list of links and interactive polls and events calendars, we hope to provide a forum which makes it easy for users to find out and try for themselves. is built using an Open Source php/mysql CMS, which is capable of handling multilingual versions. A french version will be launched when we find translators to volunteer their time.

How to fight software patents - singly and together
Saturday, September 11 2004 @ 02:31 AM CST
Contributed by: Linegod
Views:: 7,452
General News From NewsForge:
by Richard M. Stallman

Software patents are the software project equivalent of land mines: Each design decision carries a risk of stepping on a patent, which can destroy your project.

Developing a large and complex program means combining many ideas, often hundreds or thousands of them. In a country that allows software patents, chances are that some substantial fraction of the ideas in your program will be patented already by various companies. Perhaps hundreds of patents will cover parts of your program. A study in 2004 found almost 300 U.S. patents that covered various parts of a single important program. It is so much work to do such a study that only one has been done.

Read the full thing here

Open Source As Policy
Saturday, September 04 2004 @ 01:18 PM CST
Contributed by: Linegod
Views:: 5,569
General News From

A draft study released this week by the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) looks at the various policies and legislation being considered by various levels of government around the globe.

The 33-page document provides an exhaustive list of various initiatives and their current status. More than 45 nations have had some level of public-policy initiatives or discussion about open source according to the report. However, the report's authors note that, "slightly more than half of the initiatives never went beyond the proposal stage."

Read the full thing here

Article Research on Info Commons
Tuesday, August 03 2004 @ 02:44 PM CST
Contributed by: Anonymous
Views:: 5,664
General News I am writing an article about the creation of information commons for Information Highways, part of (dedicated to advancing the interests of the Canadian e-content community).

I want to look at the development of information commons in a way that shows how the issues spurring the development, and the development itself, is significant to information professionals.

Canada's CIO branch offers position on Open Source Software
Thursday, July 01 2004 @ 09:32 AM CST
Contributed by: Linegod
Views:: 3,211
General News From Digital Copyright Canada:

A document part of the Federated Architecture Program documents the position on Open Source Software.

Existing Canadian federal legislation, agreements and policies accommodate a wide variety of business models for public sector software acquisition, use, production and distribution. Accordingly, software solutions used in the Government of Canada come under many license types, including certified "open source" or "free/libre" software licenses.

Jump to the article here

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Most Recent Post: 07/01 10:34AM by Linegod

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