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Today's Featured Article
South Africa goes Open Source
Tuesday, January 21 2003 @ 10:56 PM CST
Contributed by: memecast
Views:: 2,672
General News This article from Business Day relates how, after a year of debate, the South African government has decided to move aggressively towards Open Source.

For months the State IT Agency had winced at the incessant expense of buying software licences for hundreds of thousands of staff spread across government departments. Now the agency has declared that it will ditch expensive brand name software in many cases and switch to opensource alternatives.

Red Hat hires exec to sell to governments
Thursday, January 09 2003 @ 10:51 AM CST
Contributed by: Linegod
Views:: 2,458
General News "Red Hat will announce today the hire of a new executive to help the Linux company sell its wares to local, state, national and foreign governments.

Tom Rabon, most recently the global vice president of public affairs for Lucent Technologies, a former lobbyist for AT&T and three-term state legislator from Brunswick County, on Monday became Red Hat's senior vice president for corporate affairs."

Read the full story here.

Canada Job Search Career Work Wanted
Friday, December 20 2002 @ 11:16 AM CST
Contributed by: eLGie
Views:: 7,872
General News I have developed what I would like to see become an accepted form of job searching for Canadians. Enter Canada Job Search Career Work Wanted and the rest of the canonicals. One hundred different community based sites.

Using the same interface that this site does it is possible for job seekers and employers alike to submit news about what their ideal job or job applicant is. These articles are in turn indexed by the search engines. You may also upload your resume if you prefer.

read more (143 words) 2 comments  View Printable Version
Most Recent Post: 12/21 12:19AM by Linegod

Update to GoC "Open Source Business Opportunities" Study
Thursday, December 05 2002 @ 03:58 PM CST
Contributed by: Linegod
Views:: 5,194
General News Joseph Potvin posted the following update:

"Colleagues, We are delighted by the high degree of interest shown in the RfP initiative for the Government of Canada's "Open Source Business Opportunities" Study.

The degree of interest demonstrated in this initiative warrants a more structured bidding process, and the sponsoring organizations Industry Canada, Treasury Board Secretariat, and Public Works & Government Services Canada) have decided to move the process onto the MERX solicitation system:
Solicitation Number IC 400216
Reference Number 72364

We have also extended the submission deadline to 19 December 2002. It was originally 10 December."

Read the full post in the CanOpenER Archives

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Most Recent Post: 12/19 02:53PM by iocain

RfP for a GoC "Open Source Business Opportunities" Study
Wednesday, November 27 2002 @ 04:57 PM CST
Contributed by: Linegod
Views:: 2,962
General News Posted by Joseph Potvin to the mailing lists:
"Colleagues, I'm pleased to share with you information about an RfP for a joint IC-PWGSC-TBS Research Study: "Open Source Business Opportunities for Canada's Information and Communications Technology Sector (ICT) - A Collaborative Fact Finding Study" (RfP IC 400216).
This was sent out on 20 November 2002 to a list of likely firms. (It's a smaller budget than the typical lower end for MERX.) Proposals are not limited to those firms, and furthermore, small firms could collaborate on proposals with others firms. Anyone wishing full information about this RfP and/or an update about the list of bidders should contact:

Michel Florent
Contracts Officer
(613) 954-2716"

A piece of the action
Saturday, October 12 2002 @ 06:07 PM CST
Contributed by: Linegod
Views:: 2,166
General News Governments the world over spend billions on Microsoft products and other proprietary software. Open source advocates contend their wares are cheaper and better. On one side of the tug of war is Bill Gates and other entrepreneurial heavyweights who say their software is secure and well-supported On the other side are grassroots techies who contend that open source software (such as Linux) is more adaptable, innovative and convenient.

Read the full thing here

Company out to save organizations millions of dollars in IT spendings
Sunday, September 08 2002 @ 03:36 PM CST
Contributed by: Anonymous
Views:: 5,983


COQUITLAM, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, September 8, 2002 - Businesses and governments currently spend millions of dollars on proprietary computer software. There is now a complete alternative that is absolutely free, in the form of Open Source software. Digital Infinity Systems Inc. is positioned to help implement this exceptional new cost-cutting alternative, by providing the IT services that organizations will require and depend on.

read more (588 words) 2 comments  View Printable Version
Most Recent Post: 09/09 09:01AM by Linegod

Linux group hatches plans for the public sector
Friday, September 06 2002 @ 07:45 PM CST
Contributed by: Linegod
Views:: 2,648
General News After giving Linux the cold shoulder for years, there are signs from the federal government that it might be slowly flocking to the free operating system and open source software.

In fact, an Ottawa open source advocate says a small pro-Linux organization is already operating.

Read the full thing here

CanOpenER back up
Monday, September 02 2002 @ 05:52 PM CST
Contributed by: Linegod
Views:: 2,364
General News OK, after a short delay, CanOpenER is back up. The mail server portion is still a little troublesome, so it will be a bit until the mailing lists are fully functional.

The short story is 'no matter how well prepared you are, a little bit of luck never hurts'.

Wont they make a Handsome Couple
Friday, August 02 2002 @ 02:44 PM CST
Contributed by: michael
Views:: 3,671
General News Check out this press release It is reporting Mr Gates is Canada bound and it looks like our Prime Minister and Mr. Gates will be making thier relationship public after all. While on the surface this appears to be bad news for those of us that advocate the use of FSM, GNU/Linux and OSS solutions for public sector use, I think we can look at it another way. Politically, the Prime Minister has just come out of the closet so to speak by supporting Mr. Gates efforts to shore up his market share in the Canadian Economy. Like Mexico, like Peru, like...time and time again Microsoft is now interferring in matters of State of Independant Nations. What next Mr. Prime Minister? A Coke commercial? Or would Dr. Pepper be more appropriate?

2 comments  View Printable Version
Most Recent Post: 08/06 11:23AM by Anonymous

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