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Today's Featured Article
So the TBA...Now has a Name CANOPENER
Thursday, March 28 2002 @ 12:11 AM CST
Contributed by: bob
Views:: 3,477
Startup Canopener has now been chosen as the name for
this group and initiative, so now some of the real work we all been itching to do can commence.

Most of the Steering Group and Web Services Group are going away for the long weekend, so I expect nothing much will happen until next week.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote.
Put your thinking caps on because its Canopening time, and eventually we are going to rip the lid off a whole mess of issues.

Poll #2 Closed..Next Step We Name T.B.A....
Sunday, March 24 2002 @ 12:36 AM CST
Contributed by: bob
Views:: 3,831
Startup Poll 2# is closed and with a clear majority in favor
of naming T.B.A. now before we begin the introductory email campaign to all LUGS, user groups and potenial stake holders.

Thank you to those who registered and took the time to vote.

So now begins the naming of the beast

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Most Recent Post: 12/31 06:00PM by

T.B.A....Makes Its First decision
Thursday, March 21 2002 @ 01:28 AM CST
Contributed by: bob
Views:: 3,550
Startup Without resorting to commisioning inpact and feasabilty studies.

This group of rational revolutionaries, these seekers of truth and progress, This alchemists
brew of pulsatiing byts and bites, with out socail
determinates without the cult of personality.
Has made a decision yea.....
Although I must add this group has some of the most intiriging
intellegent minds I personally had the pleasure of crossing bits and bytes with in quite some time has
done it we made a decision.

we have a mission and its on the home page
choice D was made, of course it still needs proofing cause Michael put it it there. :-)

onwards an upwards

New Step 2.
Sunday, March 17 2002 @ 01:12 AM CST
Contributed by: bob
Views:: 3,456
Startup As there has not been as much consensus over
the Naming of the iniative as we thought.

The matter will be put to a Poll of registered Members to go up as soon as the mini mission poll
comes down.
The Poll/Vote on this matter will go up after midnight Tuesday March 19th CST and remain open for 3 full days, mailing list members will be informed when the poll goes up.

The choices are:

A. Name the initiative before the first mail out.

B. Mail out as Tba.. and solicit more input.

Please use this thread for your concerns to be noted for the record

The Poll/Vote is complete with a majority decsion for next namming the T.B.A. inniative.

Action Steps for Startup
Friday, March 15 2002 @ 02:38 PM CST
Contributed by: bob
Views:: 5,622
Startup The following outlines the groups proposed action steps as taken from the discussion lists.
Step 1. Use the agreed on simple internall mini mission statement once agreed on to form the basis of a full blown expanded mission and postitioning statement.

2. Begin to collect and compile an accurate, up to date list of like minded organisations and other potential "stakeholders" please use Web Links for that and send an email to the steering group with contact information.

3. Decide on a name for this new National identity

3 comments  View Printable Version
Most Recent Post: 12/31 06:00PM by

Naming our initiative
Friday, March 15 2002 @ 12:59 PM CST
Contributed by: bob
Views:: 4,094
Startup In order to acheive group concensus for coming up with a name for our efforts. It appears to be decided that we shall all submit a name an a brief, no longer than one paragraph, explantion for our name choice.

Names and explanations will be placed in this thread and voting will take in the poll area after the intial mini mission polling takes place.

the poll on the Naming will go up on WEDNESDAY
and run Till SUNDAY MARCH 23 at Midnight CST.
That gives us time to prepare develop the mail out lists>

The naming our iniative is on hold as new ideas are comming forth on the discussion list.

It will remain in hold until a clearer consensus emerges.

Initial Introductory Mission Statement
Friday, March 15 2002 @ 11:18 AM CST
Contributed by: bob
Views:: 5,871
Startup Out of the discussion groups first week of deliborations an initial mission statement is begining to form: It will form the basis of an open letter to be published to all lugs and other interested groups and organisations.
While we have come up with many versions so far
this is a place to put the ones getting close to consensus. see below for our four options to chose from and add your comments.

(reminder you need to be registered and logged in to comment)
The choices A-D below were from a combined effort from most on the mailing list,we determined that for the these ealydays desisions all registered members can vote but only once.The Poll system will track IP adresses of voters
so you are honour bound to only vote once.

this will not be a blind vote.
We ask that you sign your vote in the comments section and it will be checked against the registered members list.

TBA goes online
Sunday, March 10 2002 @ 05:01 PM CST
Contributed by: pasnak
Views:: 3,352
Startup TBA goes online. You'll probably want to go to the mailing lists, as that is the only thing that is currently active.

Would you ever contribute financially to a FLOSS project?
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Yes, I would
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