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Site Statistics
Site Statistics
Total Hits to the system 18,635,123
Number of active users
Stories (Comments) in the system 257 (100)
Events in the system 7
Static Pages 1
Posts deleted as spam
Links (Clicks) in the System 14 (38,023)
Polls (Answers) in the system 5 (327)

Top Ten Viewed Stories
Story Title Views
Response to the GC RFI on "No Charge Licence Software" 115,483
Saskatchewan to provide free wireless Internet access 76,484
The open source attitude 74,918
Overwhelming opposition to adoption of OOXML as standard, Canada wants ODF 70,918
Canadian banks put the brakes on open source 70,711
Changing IT in Education 70,150
No news is good news 69,959
AliXe 0.11b -- Linux Bilingue Québecois 69,823
A Linux consulting company is suing the Gouvernement du Québec 69,800
Quebec broke law in buying Microsoft software 68,526

Top Ten Commented Stories
Story Title Comments
MS server squares off against Apache in union web site contest 6
RSS Feed Fixed 5
CATA supports Open Standards and Open Source Software 5
Open Source and Free Software ConferenceTo Be Held at University of Toronto 4
Site upgrades 3
Manitoba NDP First in North America to Officially endorse FOSS 3
Standing up to SCO 3
ZeD Goes Open Source! 3
Regina Open Source Expo 2002 3
Locked-out CBC employees creating Internet broadcasts to stay on the air 3

Top Ten Trackback Commented Stories
Story Title Comments
A School (almost) without Windows - Follow-up 2
University of Buffalo faculty goes for open source 1
Open Source for Business 1
Possible 25% Download Tariff 1
Response to the GC RFI on "No Charge Licence Software" 1
U of R offers open source course 1
David Wheeler's excellent work on Why Use OSS/FS 1

Top Ten Emailed Stories
Story Title Emails
Bureaucrats: Do you know where your numbers are? 10
Open Source As Policy 8
Linux takes Microsoft rivalry to the desktop 7
Roofing firm lets Linux shelter wayward documents 7
Why Open Source Software/Free Software 6
Article Research on Info Commons 3
PLUG is Taking it to the Streets 3
UN organizes open-source software day across Asia 3
How to fight software patents - singly and together 3
Locked-out CBC employees creating Internet broadcasts to stay on the air 2

Top Ten Events
Event Hits
Canada Day 7,844
Winnipeg's OpenCity FreedomFest 5,991
Creative Launch Party 3,044
Creating a Information Commons in Saskatchewan 2,972
Free Software and Open Source Symposium 2,901
Free and Open Source Symposium 2,866
Free Ontario kickoff! 2,513

Top Ten Static Pages
Page Title Hits
Info 33,442

Top Ten Links
Links Hits
Open source in Medicine 3,837 3,724
Linux LiveCD list 3,414
Drain My Brain 3,336
Open Source Compiere ERP, SugarCRM, Open MFG, Open EMR 3,154
Geeklog Project Homepage 3,146
Linux distributions 2,977
The Open Source Community 2,906
Open Source Evaluation Center 2,876

Top Ten Polls
Poll Question Votes
Would you ever contribute financially to a FLOSS project? 155
Does anyone really vote on CanOpenER? 135
Does Open Source matter to you? 21
Will a candidates FOSS position influence your vote? 15
What is the best new feature of Geeklog? 1